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For Star Sports we created the broadcast identity for the Indian Premier League aired in dedicated format: Cricket live. The identity has two core characteristics, a custom colour spectrum to create a complete customized look for every game and an ignition animation mimicking the impact of key cricket game moments leading to the explosive roar of the crowd.


Cricket is India’s biggest love and the passion for the game can be felt in every city, every town and every home. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is India’s principal annual T20 tournament where 8 teams compete for the win of the year. Attracting over 1.2 billion viewers over the course of 2 months the IPL is the biggest sports property in the country and aired nation wide in 4 regional languages and also attracting a great global interest.

Winning the IPL broadcasting rights bid was a huge milestone for the Star Network and the history of the property as well as the Star Sports identity were leading in the development of Cricket Live Broadcast Packaging. For the IPL tournament the best cricket players from across the world come together playing a fast and sensational tournament format captured in the property tagline: Best vs Best.


As this was the first time that the IPL was broadcasted by Star Sports there was the ambition to focus mainly on the IPL fans not dismissing the tournaments legacy while also staying true to the Star Spots brand. Inspired by the best vs. best narrative and the ambition of Star Sports to celebrate the love of the game we focused on customizing the design system to facilitate fan ownership. The identity colour spectrum is inspired by the team colours and every game the complete look was updated mirroring the two playing teams colours. 


The IPL T20 tournament is exciting till the last over. One action – a catch, a six – can be the ignition of emotional impact throughout the players on the field, the supporters in the stadium, and the viewers at home. This moment of impact emotion was the start point for all expressions. 

At the core of the system is the action that has emotional impact visualized as a kite-shaped ignition inspired by the Star logo shapes. The kites rapidly and playfully change in shape opening up spaces to frame information, images or footage in a bug, lower third, full screen graphics, or augmented reality. The ignition has a transparent, light, and fast quality. The kite ignition takes on the colours of the teams playing creating a unique look and gives a very diverse set of design tools tow work with


Combining the extensive colour spectrum with the wide variation of shapes that can be derived from the ignition animation results in a system that is versatile and has the depth to extend into lower thirds, bugs, and in studio AR expressions.

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Cultivating Brands by Design


Cultivating Brands by Design

Cultivating Brands by Design

Cultivating Brands by Design

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